About R.I.T

Recruit Institute of Technology, R.I.T, is an innovation hub within Recruit Holdings, a company that has over 100 subsidiaries, 28,000 employees, and annual revenues of $11.9 Billion. Recruit Holdings' primary business is in the HR space and in a variety of Internet services.

The mission of R.I.T is to Impact the world through improving products and services of Recruit Holdings and through broader advancement of scientific knowledge and development of novel digital artifacts.

R.I.T is developing a global network of innovation that includes world class research, relationships with top universities, startups in AI and IoT, data collaboration partners, companies in the Recruit Group, and companies in the portfolio of Recruit Strategic Partners and Indeed.


Alon Halevy
Chief Executive Officer

Alon is CEO of Recruit Institute of Technology Inc. He is a computer scientist, entrepreneur and educator. Prior to R.I.T, Alon led the Structured Data Research Group at Google for 10 years. Before Google, he was a computer science professor at the University of Washington and founded Nimble Technology, Inc and Transformatic, Inc., which was  acquired by Google. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Stanford University in 1993.